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Colorado Café Scientifique2 in Denver

What is the Denver Café Scientifique2?

Many people have told us that the Café at the 'Koop is sometimes very crowded (yes, we noticed!) and also, Tuesdays are not always convenient for some people (if inconvenience were randomly distributed, that would be one seventh of our list). So we thought we'd try a second Café, never on the same night as the original. It's an experiment. Eric Meer, long-time Café enthusiast, is the organizer extraordinaire, and a small (we hope, soon to grow) committee is helping him.

Place: 6:30 PM at Brooklyn's at the Pepsi Center. 901 Auraria Parkway, directly across the parkway from the Auraria Campus. Lots of free or cheap parking on non-game nights (drive around the little circle, into the Toyota lot, tell the attendant (if any) that you're coming to the Café Sci). This is a sports bar, and huge, but there is an upstairs lounge area that is pretty quiet on evenings when the Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, and Broncos are not playing. That dictates when we will schedule a Café. They are nice people and the waitstaff are reported to all be science buffs; food and drink available throught the evening.

Next Café2: Wednesday 21 June 2017: Thomas Campbell on 10 Things Everyone Should Know about HIV/AIDS

Previous Café2 talks:

Wednesday 24 May 2017: Marah J. Hardt on "Let’s Talk About Sex …and Sustainability of the Sea” Read about it

Wednesday 19 April 2017: Linda A. Barlow on Maintaining Your Sense of Taste Read about it

Wednesday 18 January 2017: Christopher J. Phiel on Biotechnology 2.0 – The CRISPR Revolution Read about it

Monday 21 November 2016: Michael J. Warren & Tim Kirby on “The future of Transportation in Colorado” Read about it

Thursday 20 October 2016: Robert C. Winn on Where Are You? How We Know (Or Could Know) Where Airplanes Are” Read about it

Wedesday 7 September 2016: William P. Mahoney III on “The Battle Between WiFi and Earth Observing Satellites Read about it

Tuesday 23 August 2016: Roger Pielke Jr on “Science, Sex, and Sport Read about it

Tuesday 20 July 2016: David Pollock on “Evolution as Memory Foam: entropy, epistasis and evolutionary mechanics” Read about it

Tuesday 19 April 2016: Frank Taylor on “The Dream... (Chaser)... is Becoming a Reality Here in Denver!” Read about it

Tuesday 22 March 2016: Peter Hamlington on “The Most Important Unsolved Problem of Classical Physics” Read about it

Monday 22 February 2016: Charles Musiba on "A reflection on the discovery of Homo naledi from South Africa”" Read about it

Thursday 28 January 2016: Timberley Roane on "Microorganisms Rule the World Part II: In, On and Around Us" Read about it

Wednesday 16 December 2015: Angel Abbud-Madrid on "Extraterrestrial Resources for Space Exploration: Living off the Land" Read about it

Thursday 19 November 2015: Stephen Chrisomalis on “Beyond Cargo Cult Science: Reclaiming Anthropology from the Fringe” Read about it

Thursday 22 October 2015: Benjamin Honigman on "The Old Man in the Mountain Really Exists: Do people living at altitude have longer life spans? Read about it

Wednesday 23 September 2015: Greg Cronin on “Hooked on Ponics: Building an Edible Aquatic Ecosystem” Read about it

Wednesday 15 July 2015: Michael Weissmann on “Imagining a World Without Bad Insects” Read about it

Monday 15 June 2015: Jeff Lukas on "California, here we come? Climate, water, and drought in Colorado" Read about it

Wednesday 27 May 2015: Mike Eisenberg on "Educational Technology: What Does it Mean? What Could it Mean?" Read about it

Wednesday 22 April 2015: Martin Sabo on "Measuring the Opportunity Cost if the U.S. Were to Lose our Unauthorized Immigrant Workers" Read about it

Tuesday 24 February 2015: Alexandra Witze on “FIRE & ICE: Volcanoes in Iceland and beyond" Read about it

Tuesday 26 January 2015: Ed Schreiber on “IQ, IQ Measurement and High IQ Societies" Read about it

Tuesday 16 December 2014: Connie Price on “Ebola 101—The Facts behind the Fears” Read about it

Monday 24 November 2014: Mark Eberhart on “Energy Paradigm Shift  – Materials and Policies to Meet the Challenge” Read about it

Wednesday 15 October 2014: Bruce Appel on "Stem Cells: Promises and Pitfalls" Read about it

Wednesday 13 August 2014: Jacob Gump on "Gene therapy – what happened to it? And what is happening to it now?" Read about it

Thursday 19 June 2014: Alex Antoniou on "Sharks: Why Should Anyone Care? The Value of an Apex Predator " Read about it

Wednesday 21 May 2014: Joel Parker tells us about the Rosetta mission to a comet! Read about it

Tuesday 15 April 2014: Berenice Gitomer on "Polycystic Kidney Disease: How it earned the epithet 'The silent disorder' " Read about it

Monday 24 February 2014: Bob Raynolds on "Denver in the Anthropocene" Read about it

Wednesday 18 December 2013: Benjamin Lee on "Sustainable Energy from Sunlight: Advances in Solar Cell Technology" Read about it

Tuesday 18 November 2013: Christopher Phiel on "Genetics or Epigenetics - Which is the Master of Your Destiny?" Read about it

Tuesday 20 August 2013: Gregory Simon on "A Hot Mess: Wildfires and the Dynamic Nature of Social Vulnerability in the US West" Read about it

Wednesday 17 July 2013: Carol Cleland on "Deep time and the Scientific Method of Yore" Read about it

Wednesday 19 June 2013: Daniel R. Bush on "Genetic engineering in agriculture: From crop domestication to recombinant DNA technology" Read about it

Tuesday 28 May 2013: Christina Walters on " Extreme Biology: Preserving seeds and germplasm that no one else can" Read about it

Wednesday 24 April 2013: Ian Miller on "From Asteroids to Aquifers: The Paleontology and Geology of the Denver Basin"Read about it

Monday 25 March 2013: James Sikela on "What Genes Make us Human? Read about it

Wednesday 27 February 2013: Joseph Sertich on the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Boom and Bust! Read about it

Thursday 31 January 2013: David Bowden and Douglas Newman on Frying the World in Oil? Read about it

Tuesday 20 November 2012: Ilene Grabel on Making sense out of the global financial disorder Read about it

Tuesday 28 August 2012: Diana Tomback on Beetlemania and Beyond! Read about it

Wednesday 25 July 2012: Greg Tucker on Mountain, Glacier, and Gully: Tales of an Evolving Landscape Read about it

Tuesday 22 May 2012: Chris Stubbs on Medical Cannabis: Scientific realities, little known facts, and success stories

Wednesday 25 April 2012: Paula Cushing, PhD, On Silken Thread: Arachnid facts and fancy Read about it

Monday 26 March 2012: David Fahey, PhD, on Ozone: The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly Read about it

30 January 2012: Alan Vajda, PhD, on How the chemistry of growing populations impacts reproduction, metabolism, and cognition Read about it

7 December 2011: Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM, on Species in Crisis: Polar Bears, Bees, and Amphibians Read about it

21 November 2011: Andrew Freeman on No More Pills! Exercise is Medicine: Using Exercise to Improve Health. Read about it.

24 October 2011: Jeffrey Kieft and James DeGregori on Evolution 101 and how it saves lives. Read about it.

26 September 2011: Frank Krell on Little Gourmands: Why We Can’t Live without Dung Beetles. Read about it.

29 August 2011: American Chemical Society and PBS on Marie Curie: A Lasting Legacy. Read about it.

29 June 2011: Drs. James and Louise Gunderson on consciousness and artificial intelligence. Read about it.

23 May 2011: Russ Schnell on The Air You Breathe- It Ain't What it Used to Be! Read about it.

26 April 2011: David Grinspoon on What is life and how should we look for it elsewhere in the universe? Read about it.

28 March 2011: Richard Stucky on Salamander Showdown at the Ivory Condominium! Read about it.

21 February 2011: Webster Cash on Starshade: The Search for Habitable Planets & Life in the Universe! Read about it.

27 January 2011: Martin Lockley on the origin of consciousness! Read about it.

6 December 2010: Julien Riel-Salvatore on sophisticated Neanderthalst! Read about it.

28 October 2010: Timberley Roane on good bugs in the environment! Read about it.

Everyone is welcome!

The Colorado Café Scientifique2 is organized by an informal group of faculty from CU and other institutions up and down the Front Range, as well as students, science types from industry and government, and science buffs. We welcome your input, including ideas for speakers and topics. Bring them with you to the next Café, or e-mail them and any questions to the organizer, Eric Meer.

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