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Interesting Café and Science Links

Other Cafés Scientifiques

Duncan Dallas started it in Leeds in 1998:

The UK Café Scientifique network, with links to individual cities and much interesting information:

North American Cafés Scientifiques

A page with links to many (all?) Canadian Café Scis that is kept up to date.

A new Café Sci has started in Palo Alto; Web site with typically Californian production values:

WGBH, the PBS station in Boston is a great fan of the Café idea and has a helpful site.

There's a Café Sci in Pittsburgh :

A Café opened in Bozeman Montana in September 2004 :

Minneapolis has a new Café at the University's Bell Museum:

There's a Café that started in October 2004 in Vancouver:

Seattle calls theirs "Science on Tap":

Houston's Science Café has an incredibly snazzy Web site:

The Café in Victoria, Texas:
For more information, call Richard Gunasekera at 361-570-4202

Cafés Philosophiques

A funny description of the Grandpère of all Cafés Philosophique on the Place de la Bastille; the food was tastier than the philosophy:

Here's a Café Philosophique operating in Derbyshire, UK, at Scarthin, “ A bookshop for the Majority of Minorities” :

There was once a Café-Salon Philosophique in Boulder, Colorado:

There's a sort of Café Skeptique meeting at The Old King's Head, a grungy pub near London Bridge station in London:


Interesting Science Sites

The Naked Scientists on the Beeb: A scary thought, but fortunately, it's radio.

View 1I7z

The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions (and how to think critically about them)


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