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Andrew Freeman at Café Sci2

No More Pills! Exercise is Medicine: Using Exercise to Improve Health

Monday 21 November 2011, 6:30 PM, at Brooklyn's near LoDo Denver


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AndrewAndrew Freeman, MD, FACC, FACP, is in the Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health, and is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado, He received his BA (summa cum laude) from Cornell and an MD from SUNY at Buffalo in 2003. His residency in internal medicinbe was at Brown in Rhode Island, and he did a cardiology fellowship at Temple. He is board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. His clinical interests include all aspects of general cardiology; preventive cardiology; heart failure and cardiomyopathy; diastolic dysfunction (abnormal relaxation of the heart); chest pain and shortness of breath; heart problems caused by respiratory (lung) problems; high blood pressure (hypertension); advanced cardiovascular imaging including echocardiography, nuclear and echo stress testing, cardiac CT; cardiac sarcoid disease; public health; and exercise and health outcomes and knowledge, which led him to the topic he'll be discussing with us tonight.

Dr. Freeman also hosts a monthly Walk with a Doc program in the Denver area where he volunteers his time to walk with patients on a Saturday morning to teach key health concepts, but also to explore using exercise as medicine for the greater good of the public. Finally, Dr. Freeman holds some key leadership positions in the Colorado chapter of the American College of Cardiology as well as at the national level, including chair of Community Outreach and Event, and a spot on the Patient-Centered Care Steering Committee. An avid teacher and educator, Dr. Freeman teaches medical and pharmacy students regularly, and has hosted many community lectures and CME programs. Finally, Dr. Freeman's dedication to the indigent is made evident by regular participation in the MCPN Free Community Cardiology clinic. Finally, Dr. Freeman was just nominated for the position of the Colorado American College of Cardiology Governor and Chapter President.

About the topic

Simple walking improves your health. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce your risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure and blood sugar, elevate mood, and reduce risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes. Join your doctors on a monthly walk to improve your health, learn about important health topics, and meet new friends interested in improving their health with you. You'll get to spend time with your physicians, get to know them, and ask medical questions in an informal, relaxed, and fun way! You can hear about it in this brief YouTube video.

Cardiac and pulmonary diseases are just some of the many ailments that can significantly improve with regular exercise. Unfortunately, motivation to get started is usually lacking for many patients. Walk with a Doc is a community outreach effort to empower patients to improve health through physical activity. It targets patients in an effort to get them to exercise side-by-side with their healthcare providers. Just as saving money is likely to be more successful when it is done automatically, exercise, when given an approachable framework, is more likely to result in success. Therefore, a program which offers both relevant and understandable health information and a regular venue for physical activity will not only promote patient health, but also will give patients the means to positively influence their health conditions on an ongoing basis.

If you're curious about the Walk With A Doc program, the next event is:

8am, Saturday December 10th
Crestmoor Park, Meet by Tennis Courts Directions
Plenty of Free Parking Available
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